1. What does slow fashion mean?

Slow fashion is made to order ensuring that only the product that will be used by the customer gets made. Rather than in fast fashion, where massive production in advance is created in order to provide very cheap prices and greater profits to the brand, slow fashion is marginally more expensive to the end user, the brand takes less profit - we both split the cost of doing what is right and the world profits. This is the most sustainable model for production. 

2. What charity are you donating to?

For 2021 we have selected the Autistic Self Advocacy Network. It is a 501(c) charity located in Washington, DC. 

It is critical that Autistic people have a voice in how we are seen & understood, learn & heal. "Nothing about us, without us". 

Unfortunately, the more well-known & funded organizations abuse & want to 'cure' or 'eradicate' autistic people (eugenics), & have no #actuallyautistic adults in them to give them understanding. Even when they are told their practices are abusive & lack understanding from adults who all say they experienced abuse from ABA treatments & did not feel seen or respected, resulting in C-PTSD and sadly often death.

I am proudly autistic. It is worthwhile getting to know us. We are a caring people. Fundamentally, autism is prioritizing the whole & eternal (so we see repercussions long term to help evaluate information) before the self - always. It's how our brains process. It is beautiful & worthy of protecting & nurturing. Not forcing to conform to a wicked & corrupted world. We are visionaries, truth tellers, inventors, way finders, servants of God. We matter. Our voices matter. Autism is not a disease. It isn't even a disorder. It is a different way of processing information and living that is incredibly beautiful even we are struck with awe by the beauty of it all. Let autistic people teach you to let go of the ego, the attachments. We are a living embodiment of this and appear in a wide spectrum of joys. 

5% of all sales will go to https://autisticadvocacy.org/

3. Some of the clothing I bought has a weird vinegar smell. Why?

Our products are made with an eco-friendly printing process that can result in a slight vinegar odor and sometimes a slight discoloration. Don't worry! All inks used in our products are water-based and eco-friendly. We use a special solution in the process that helps the print last longer. After the first wash, it will disappear completely. 

4. I subscribed to the newsletter, or am a customer, but am not getting your flylist deals. Help!

Did you opt-in? We respect your privacy and have a double opt-in method. Please check your spam folders and whitelist cohereandthere.com 

5. Where does your curated collection come from and why does it ship separately?

We gather a few great items we think you will find useful and/or beautiful to go with our collection. These items come from all over the world and currently include China and India. This can take a long time to ship so please allow for up to 60 days to receive. 

6. Do you do wholesale orders?

We might! Let's talk. Our margins are already very tight, but we can figure something out if the numbers are right. Contact jo (at) cohereandthere.com