About Us

About Us

Currently, some of our US suppliers are running with very limited staff, if any. Since we're working at a reduced capacity, US orders are likely to see fulfillment delays. Also, our carriers can't guarantee Express and Overnight delivery at the moment, so these won't be options available right now.
We have been assured by our suppliers that staff that are working keep 6ft. distances, work in partitioned spaces and have full PPE, and are working voluntary only, with work from home options available to staff as well if possible. Our priority is the well-being of all. 


COHERE and THERE was developed by Jo Blakely out of a love of travel and a dislike of carrying a lot of stuff.

Designed with love for the earth in mind, we make all our product to order and ship directly to you eliminating a lot of waste, energy, and pollution. We design our collection to coordinate and create capsule collections that are fun and multipurpose, helping you to buy fashion conscious, conscious fashion. It seems odd creating a product to reduce consumerism, but people need clothes, and these new business models can help reduce the waste that the industry has made over the past 50 or so years. We are a #slowfashion #sustainablefashion model and have registered as a Benefit Corporation. Care for the earth we love to explore is written into the DNA of our brand. 

We also donate 5% of all sales to the Coral Reef Alliance which is a 4 star charity that helps fund facilities all over the world working to save the reefs. For more information visit coral.org 

About Jo

Born, raised, and inspired in the very multicultural city of Toronto, Canada. Jo comes by design honestly with a family filled with fashion and interior designers. 

After graduating top of her class at L'ecoles de la Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne, Jo started designing private label for luxury department stores while still a student then went on to work as a license designer at Pierre Cardin in Paris, as well as assisting and illustrating his haute-couture and RTW collections.

She continued to work in the industry designing fashion and custom prints for a number of brands and developed private label for major department stores and luxury brands for many years. Jo has worked as both licensee and licensor and brings nearly 30 years experience to the launch of her own brand. As creative director of her own company and others, she began developing logos and brands for businesses, licensed merchandise for major music companies and children's entertainment brands.

Today, with COHERE and THERE, she is bringing a feeling of luxury and fantasy to everyday athletic and comfort clothes, so you can do all the things looking better with less. 

Our motto is Tread Light, Travel Far